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Madeline L’Engle’s Walking on Water, a book about the intersection of faith and creativity, is a must read for any artist (especially writers) of religious persuasion. Finally, here is a work that thoughtfully explores the relationship between faith and art, and what it means to be a Christian artist.

While L’Engle writes from a Christian perspective, I think that a lot of her ideas and conclusions about the nature of creating art and the meaning within would be useful and interesting to anyone who finds art and the creating of it to belong to some higher order. Still, it will hold the most meaning for readers who share the faith base from which L’Engle is writing.

L’Engle is careful and methodical in her work, laying out logical arguments about this relationship in beautiful language that never loses heart and passion. For writers/artists like myself who have often struggled with whether or not to create “Christian art,” L’Engle offers insightful ideas not only on what this vague concept of “Christian art” is, but direction for those of us who are seeking.

Although assembled as a book, the essays in Walking on Water are easiest–and perhaps best–to read individually, giving the reader time to process and consume the content.

I marked dozens upon dozens of quotes from this work, finding myself at times inspired and at other times finally provided with the language to express my ideas about what I see as my place in the intersection of Christian and writer. In lieu of rambling on any longer, I will leave you with a few of my favorites:

“…all art is cosmos; cosmos found within chaos.”

“Stories, no matter how simple, can be vehicles of truth….”


**I was provided a copy of this book by the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.


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