Make the Scales Fall

The world does not look the same. Of course, the world hasn’t changed at all, really. We’re facing the same problems we’ve always faced. What’s changed, I suppose, is that my faith in humanity has deflated a bit.

To be honest, everything seems flat and a little pointless. Updating a blog to track the developments of my writing seems… I lack the word. However, I do not want to add to “the chorus of despair.”

So here’s the thing. I’m taking a step back. I need to regroup. I need to look at this world and find the work that needs doing. I will still write. I will always write. But personal platforms seem silly now, in light of everything else.

What I need, what the world needs, is less focus on the self. Less internet. More books, which I believe broaden our perspectives, challenge our thoughts, and teach us empathy and compassion. So I’m going to read and write and survive and pray and do the best I can to do the work that needs doing.

For me, it is creating. But perhaps now I turn my efforts not solely to the creation of written words, but to the creation of relationships, to the forging of empathy.

I leave you with this excerpt from this post on The Paris Review.

Friends, I am off to write something to make the scales fall from our eyes. I am off to love someone fiercely. I am off to be quiet and listen, that my perspective may be broad and my empathy unending.



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