Summertime, and the Writing is Easy

So, a few days ago, this happened:

Camp-Winner-2015-Web-BannerI’m pretty excited about this because I didn’t actually get to write until the last week and a half of this year’s camp session. Like I’ve mentioned, I was moving, working, being a nomad, moving again, unpacking, and settling in a new state — which apparently takes up ALL YOUR TIME. Ha.

I have really felt like I need to qualify this year’s camp win, because my goal was only 25K. I knew I wouldn’t have much writing time, but I still wanted to get writing done. I wanted to prove to myself that I can write when life is at its craziest — which I did and did not achieve, I guess. Obviously, when I was having 18 hour days of packing + working + regular life, I didn’t write.

But I met my month’s goal by making a big push the last 10 days, and I gotta pat myself on the back for that, right? Still, it sometimes seems like less of a success compared to the 50K of regular NaNo.

I finished on the last day at just over 25K, and I’ve actually been writing every day since then, and shockingly… it’s going well. It’s even — dare I say it?? — easy. 

Don’t get me wrong. I still hate about 80% of what I’m writing. Rough drafts are hard, guys. But that rough, hurried sketch of the story is coming out really easily, even when I’m not entirely sure where the story is going. Part of my issue is that this story will stretch to at least two books (or one mondo one), and decisions I’m making now will affect how the story develops on a grander scale, outside of the main plot.

But I’m really just enjoying writing it. I love this story. I’m liking my characters. When I skim back over my writing, I can admit it’s not all terrible crap I dug out of the dumpster and slapped into Scrivener. And that feels pretty good.

Maybe it’s the summer atmosphere or my new southern living, but I’m taking it easy and just enjoying the ride of this draft. No pressure. Part of that is because I have NO negative influences in my writing life right now. Every person who ever demeaned me and my writing is 1000% gone, and it’s amazing. I can enjoy this again, and fall back into the writing-because-I-love-it mode.

Of course, my long term goals are the same. Acquire agent, sell book, and be a published author. But I’m giving myself some slack, admitting that I’m still young and have years and years and years to work towards that goal, and that it’s in no way a race. I’ll get there when I get there, but I won’t get there at all unless I’m writing and loving it — and I am, you guys. I really am.

Hope everyone else is having easy, fun, and productive writing summers. Drink some raspberry lemonade, chill on the couch, and write some words, guys. (Also, snuggles with puppies helps with chill writing mode — even if it makes the physical act of writing more difficult sometimes. Canine overlords are definitely the cutest overlords.)

IMG_20150803_175258491 IMG_20150803_175309260

And, last but not least, an easy summer song for you.



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