A Day Late, Still Thankful

I did my best to stay off the internet yesterday and just soak up time with my family. We cooked and ate and played board games and Tater ran around playing with other dogs. I made toffee from scratch and it was delicious. Happy campers, all.

20141127_113311Although the focus of this blog is mostly Teresa’s Writing, I figure a glimpse of Teresa’s Life every now and again wouldn’t be too far out of the scope… and I find I’d be remiss if I didn’t post something short and sweet about how insanely blessed I am and how grateful I am for my life. So, requisite Thanksgiving post…

This year has been crazy. Like most college grads, I didn’t really know how it was going to go once I was finished. I had a huge “Now what?” moment (or many such moments) while I was trotting around campus for the last time as a student, wearing a silly gown and cap. (I like the tassel, though.)

As many of you know, graduation was my official launch into trying to make this whole writing thing a career. With a BA under my belt, I started working part time from home, giving myself time to legitimately pursue writing. No more school as an excuse. It was time to make a go of it.

Now, I am thankful for so many things: a gracious God, a home, my family, my husband, and millions of other little things. Seriously, I have been completely awestruck at the blessings in my life. But the POW! in my face blessing this year was the sheer number of people who have been SO SUPPORTIVE of my writing.

Given that a lot of people in the past have tried to steer me away from writing as a career, it’s been encouraging and wonderful to have a large contingency of people on my side in this. It’s difficult to be advised against pursuing your passion, but many people have done so in the past. Oddly enough, I’ve encountered very little of that this year, the same year that writing has been my primary focus. Family, friends, and internet followers have been great to me, and I’m so thankful.

I have to be especially thankful of my number 1 blessing, my completely amazing husband. Guys, you have no idea what he puts up with. Probably once a week I have a breakdown about the difficult of writing/publishing/all things literary, and he is always there to give me a pep talk or a metaphorical kick in the pants, whichever is more fitting at the time. He is the first sounding board for all of my ideas, a great advice-giver, and deserves at least 40% of the credit for the two manuscripts I finished this year. (I mean, I did write them… so I think 60% for me is fair.)

Secondly, I’m thankful for all of you! It’s been awesome to see people checking out my random ramblings on writing and books! I hope my experiences and insights can be helpful to you, because we’re all in this together, writers. And to you non-writers who follow my blog to support me, THANK YOU.

I could go on and on and on and on, but the gist is, thanks. I think I’ve gotten a pretty fantastic start on the Writing as a Career journey this year, and I can’t wait to see where next year takes me! I’ve got my fingers crossed for some things… but if nothing else I’ll be here, typing away on the blog and on some books.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!



(Sometimes we leave Tater’s leash on and sometimes he manages to loop it around his tail…)

P.S. We did a teeny bit of Black Friday shopping and got some cheap Tupperware, SO IT WAS AWESOME. (This is adulthood.)


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