Behind the Words

I grew up as a bookworm and quickly realized that, in addition to becoming attached to novels and series, I was also prone to becoming attached to the authors themselves. Now, writers are an odd bunch. We seem to either love readers or hate them, to speak in extremes. There are authors who spend hours and hours making sure every fan in line gets his or her book signed. There are authors who write a best-seller and live a life of reclusive isolation and solitude. Neither one of these is superior. It’s just a matter of personality.

But to be honest with you, (as I drop into a stage whisper)… I always got frustrated with authors who shunned the public and their fans. This is not to say I don’t understand it. Two of my all-time favorite authors did this very thing: J. D. Salinger and Harper Lee both withdrew from the public eye after their respective books gained such widespread fame. I cannot imagine dealing with such pressure, with such demands for one’s time.

My frustration came in the fact that I wanted to know them. Who were the people behind these brilliant works? I think it’s a natural reaction to want to know who these people are and how they came to write the books that they did.

My feelings on this made me resolve that, should I ever have the privilege of being published and having a fan base, I would be open to them. I want to know my fans, too. And I want them to know me. This isn’t to say you need to know every detail of my life, like what deodorant I use or the way I like to eat my eggs. But I believe there is some give and take between author and reader. And I intend to nurture that relationship to the best of my ability.

This is all a rather lengthy way of saying that I intend to use this blog, as well as other social media outlets, as a way to let you guys get to know me. There are authors that I follow just because I want to know about their lives. What does a day of writing look like for them? What kind of insight can they offer about the profession? And sometimes, I’ll admit that I ask myself… what is their favorite flavor of ice cream?

So as much as I want you to know me as a writer, I also want you to know me as a person. I encourage you guys to leave me comments as I continue to develop this blog and advance my career. At some point I’ll be posting some short stories and possibly some poems, just so you can get a taste of what my writing is really like. It’s kind of hard to support a budding author when you have no idea what she writes, isn’t it?

Hope you guys are ready for a long, exciting ride! I know I am.

And no, this blog post was not entirely written just to avoid working on my manuscript.


It only… mostly was.




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