LaidbackandFunCouple'sSession-50Teresa Morse is a writer of speculative fiction and poetry currently living in the Cedar Valley of Iowa. Teresa spent the first two decades of her life in Kansas where she learned to say “ope” and appreciate good barbecue. She earned her BA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from Baker University. There, she goofed off in an improv troupe, served as the managing editor for Watershed, the literary magazine, and worked as a tutor. Teresa twice attended Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society’s national conference, where she received the 1st place prize in Original Poetry in 2013.

Teresa lives with her husband and pug in a near-century old farmhouse named Terrapin. She bakes too many cookies, drinks too much coffee, and spends too much time daydreaming. Teresa loves reclaiming remnants, so you’ll often find her poring over odds and ends at thrift stores and antique shops. When she’s not working to pay the bills or hiking out in the wilderness, she reads authors who challenge her, teach her, inspire her–and motivate her to write stories she hopes you can read one day.

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